The little guide on prior art searches

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If prior art searches are essential to secure the marketing of a product, it is also a classic defense strategy when a company is sued for copyright or patent infringement.

How to do a targeted image search to find prior art?

William Fauchoux (founder) and Marine Gentil from BlockchainyourIP, have prepared a practical guide for IP professionals, in collaboration with Camille Champion, founder of Modèle Déposé

The little guide about prior art searches for IP professionals.

You will find :

1. The research method to best organize yourself
2. The most powerful visual search tools
Illustrated with examples to better guide you.

Discover the Little Guide (only in French, but what a great tool to improve your French skills!)



You can also watch on Youtube the interview of Camille Champion by William Fauchoux from BlockchainyourIP  : Comment réaliser une clearance efficace?

If you have any inquiry for priort art searches, do not hesitate to contact us.


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