Prior art searches


Who is behind this armchair? Who may lay claim to this necklace? Did similar bags exist prior to 2002?

These are just some of the questions asked by businesses and industrial property attorneys either before a product is launched or as part of legal proceedings.

In order to optimally meet our clients’ requirements, we are continuing to actively develop a “one of a kind” archive made up of books on manufactured goods, magazines, and sales catalogues.


Our aim is to keep as many publications as possible; publications that are normally destroyed, in order to build up a database which usefully complements the works that we can easily find in external resource centres:

  • We hold over 1000 specialist books on manufactured goods, such as corkscrews, hangers, spectacles, and cigarette lighters.
  • We subscribe to a large number of magazines and we hold over 120 trade and general interest titles. We regularly purchase old magazines such as Modes de Paris, Maison Française and La Revue du Jouet from second-hand stores and private collectors, thus enabling us to travel back in time.
  • We have classified and archived thousands of sales catalogues in sectors as varied as furniture, lighting, interior design accessories, tableware, high tech gadgets, jewellery, watches, toys and motifs. For instance, our holdings include Manufrance catalogues from the 1960s to the 1980s, Sears from the 1930s to the 1970s, La Redoute, Agatha, Culinarion, Oxybul and BoConcept…

For each publication, our archivists have listed the types of products featured, so that we can quickly identify the publications in which we should focus our searches.

We have also developed a database linking each new product to the name of the designer or manufacturer, a written description, and above all the publication in which it featured, so as to be able to locate the information quickly and provide dated evidence.

Bespoke searches

In addition to using our own archive, we regularly travel to libraries such as those housed at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris, the International Footwear Museum in Romans, and the Calais Museum of Lace… We also search on the Internet, in IP and other online databases.

We can also undertake investigative work in the field to obtain information about products (market conditions) or documentation.

Why hire Modèle Déposé?

  • We are prior art search specialists and this means that we know where to find information.
  • We hold an archive that is totally unique.
  • Our archive contains a large number of archived paper format publications, which are therefore indisputable evidence.
  • We also undertake searches in museums.
  • We are able to provide a swift response.