Personal data security policy

During the performance of its services and in its capacity as a data controller, MODELE DEPOSE may collect and process personal data obtained from its clients, prospects or service providers and from the users of its website.

MODELE DEPOSE ensures compliance with privacy protection rules, including among others the provisions of the “Informatique et Libertés law” (French data protection act) of 6 January 1978 (modified) and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU regulation2016/679) or “GDPR”.

MODELE DEPOSE briefs its teams and makes them aware of the need to respect the personal data of its clients by deploying appropriate internal procedures.

1. Commitments

MODELE DEPOSE agrees to:

  • Guarantee maximum protection for the personal data of its clients, prospects, service providers, the uses of its website and any other person whose personal data it processes.
  • Comply with the regulations applicable to all of the data processing operations it performs.

In order to guarantee a level of security adapted to the risks inherent to its processing operations, MODELE DEPOSE deploys appropriate technical and organisational methods meeting regulatory requirements.

From the very design stage of its processing operations, MODELE DEPOSE agrees to protect the rights and the data of the data subjects and to contractually impose the same levels of personal data protection upon its subcontractors (service providers, suppliers, etc.).

Finally, MODELE DEPOSE agrees to comply with any other principles which apply with regard to the applicable regulations concerning the protection of personal data, and more precisely concerning the rights of the data subjects and the storage periods for personal data.

2. End purposes of the data processing operations

2.1 How your data is collected

During your dealings with the company, you are likely to supply your personal data by various means: when surfing on its website, by completing the various data collection forms (contact form, order form for the preventive newsletter, creation of an account), when getting in touch with MODELE DEPOSE or when you send it your personal data in any other way.

2.2 End purposes of the processing

Your data is chiefly used in order to provide you with services or information: search services, preventive newsletter, occasional information updates, processing your requests and/or complaints, etc.

In addition to the cases in which your consent has been obtained (including in order to send you personalised offers) the processing of your data is necessary:

  • In order to fulfil the contract of sale for its services,
  • For the legitimate interests of MODELE DEPOSE (including developing and informing you about new services and offers, or improving its customer service, etc.).
  • To enable you to benefit from all of the services available on the MODELE DEPOSE website: creation of a user account, subscription to the preventive newsletter, contact form, invoicing, etc.,
  • To ensure that its information, offers and services most closely match your interests,
  • To facilitate the prevention of bad debts and to combat fraud.

3. Storage period

MODELE DEPOSE agrees to store the personal data concerning the clients, prospects, suppliers or miscellaneous contacts for a period not exceeding that required to fulfil the end purposes for which it is processed. Furthermore, MODELE DEPOSE stores your personal data in compliance with the retention periods imposed by the applicable laws.

4. Recipients

The personal data collected by MODELE DEPOSE is considered as private and confidential and is the subject of restricted access within the company: only the Management can access it. This access is protected by a system of authorisations and passwords.

As an example, when its researchers carry out research on designs, a minimum amount of information is provided to them. The summonses or submissions containing the contact details of opposing law firms are stored in a file accessible only to the Management.

Data concerning clients, employees, prospects, suppliers or miscellaneous contacts is never sold, leased or forwarded to third parties. Only certain service providers (accountants, IT maintenance personnel,) may occasionally have access to it when performing all or part of the above-mentioned services.

MODELE DEPOSE would like to inform you that it asks its service providers to put in place strict data protection and privacy measures by means of contractual clauses.

5. Right of access

At any time, you can exercise your rights to access, rectify or delete the data concerning you, and your rights to limit the use of, oppose the processing of and demand the portability of your personal data. In doing so, MODELE DEPOSE requests that you accompany your request with information enabling us to identify you (last name, first name, email address) and any other information necessary to confirming your identity.

Furthermore, you have a legal right to provide instructions regarding what happens to your personal data after your death.

These rights can be exercised by emailing the following address cchampion(a) or writing by post to the following address: MODELE DEPOSE – 76 boulevard Henri Poincaré, rond-point de la Croix – Rouge 66100 Perpignan.

You also have a right to complain to the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (French data protection authority) in the event of any violations of the regulations applicable to the protection of personal data, including the GDPR.

You also have a right to oppose the processing of your personal data for commercial prospection purposes.

Furthermore, if you no longer wish to receive messages issued as part of communication campaigns from MODELE DEPOSE, you are invited to unsubscribe from its mailing list via the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each message.

6. Online services

MODELE DEPOSE is constantly seeking to improve its electronic services to facilitate access for its clients, prospects and visitors. For example, the MODELE DEPOSE website provides permanent access (24 hours a day) for the purchasing of preventive newsletters.

6.1 Cookie use policy

The website uses Google Analytics, a website analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses cookies. However, the data obtained is limited. This concerns only the number of pages visited, the town in which the IP address connecting to the website is located, the frequency and recurrence of visits, the length of a visit, the browser, the operator or type of terminal from which the visit is performed. Data such as the user’s last name, first name or postal address for the connection is never obtained.

Furthermore, during their first visit to the website, users are automatically informed of the use of cookies and of the possibility to configure this tool.

6.2 IT security / Securing transactions

MODELE DEPOSE agrees to ensure the security and privacy of the personal data which you entrust to it. All appropriate technical and organisational methods are deployed to prevent any destruction, loss, alteration, divulgence, intrusion or unauthorised access to this data, whether accidentally or illegally.

On the website, the company proposes a secure online payment system thanks to the latest available technologies, securing data from the moment the order is placed by means of an SSL certificate and payment via the secure Paypal platform.

Finally, MODELE DEPOSE is working on a security flaw management procedure making it possible to efficiently and effectively identify any possible data breaches, to immediately notify the relevant authority of these breaches and to warn you when this breach is likely to compromise your personal data.

7. Contact

For any additional questions concerning this policy or the manner in which MODELE DEPOSE processes your personal data, you can contact the company by email on cchampion(a) or by post, by writing to the following address: MODELE DEPOSE – 76 boulevard Henri Poincaré, rond-point de la Croix – Rouge 66100 Perpignan.