Legal proceedings


We work with a large number of law firms specialising in industrial property, both in defence and claim proceedings. We are able to undertake several types of search.

Claim proceedings

  • Check that a design is truly original before starting infringement proceedings.
  • Check the prior art search passed on by the opposing side.
  • Collate press cuttings to prove that a design is or was common.

Defence proceedings

  • Prove that the design in question was not new on the claimed date.
  • Assess the current market situation as part of unfair competition proceedings.
  • Check the claims put forward by the opposing side.

We also undertake other documentary searches in connection with industrial/intellectual property, such as trademark use investigations (within the scope of actions for lapse of trademark), searching for evidence of the generic nature of a term (nullity actions), prior art searches for logos in publications and online…

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote on a prior art search or an assessment of the current market situation as part of legal proceedings.

Multi-publication searches

In addition to our own archive made up of old sales catalogues, old magazines and specialist books on fashion, jewellery, watches, interior design, motifs and toys, we search on the Internet, in online databases, in French, European and foreign industrial property databases, and we regularly travel to libraries and museums, for example, the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris, the International Footwear Museum in Romans, and the Calais Museum of Lace.

The benefits

As documentary research specialists, we tailor our working methods to the designs about which we are consulted, and we know exactly where to go to find information, and, thanks to our unique archive, we are not only able to provide a maximum amount of information in record time, but we also furnish our clients with dated sources which are vital for legal proceedings.

Furthermore, as a private sector company, we understand that our clients may have very tight lead-times imposed by legal proceedings, and we make a point of meeting these deadlines.


Modèle Déposé may become aware of information when delivering its services and attaches great importance to information confidentiality. We pledge not to divulge any information about our clients.

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