Who are we? Here is a summary of our activity and services for industrial property professionals.

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Who is behind this armchair?
Who may lay claim to this toy?
Did similar bags exist prior to 2002?

These are just some of the questions asked by businesses and industrial property attorneys either before a product is launched or as part of legal proceedings.

Modèle Déposé has built up a unique archive in France made up of specialist books on manufactured goods, magazines and old sales catalogues. The firm’s team of archivists undertake prior art searches in this archive which is updated on a daily basis, and travel to museums to gain a better grasp of a design’s level of originality.

MODELE DEPOSE also undertakes trademark use investigations (within the scope of actions for lapse of trademark), searching for evidence of the generic nature of a term (nullity actions), prior art searches for logos in publications and online, dating models/collections, reputation reports for models/motifs/logo histories, current market situations for unfair competition litigation, and any other documentary research related to industrial/intellectual property.



Before a product is designed or launched, it is vital that steps are taken to ensure that the design is not already protected, particularly under copyright.

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We work with a large number of law firms specialising in industrial property, both in defence and claim proceedings. We are able to undertake several types of search.

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Le drapé saillant façon Christo

Le drapé saillant façon…

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Quelle beauté ! Quelle splendeur ! Aujourd’hui nous rendons hommage à Christo qui nous a quittés l’année dernière. Le drapé est omniprésent dans la mode, ce depuis des siècles, voire

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A votre service !

A votre service !

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Une pensée spéciale pour nos documentalistes qui font un travail formidable : alimentation du fonds, classement, recherches… Elles achètent régulièrement des ouvrages, récupérent des catalogues commerciaux, classent les designs par

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Podcast – comment réaliser une clearance efficace ?

Podcast – comment…

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Notre fondatrice Camille Champion a été interviewée par William Fauchoux, fondateur et dirigeant de Blockchainyourip. Ce podcast, intitulé “Comment réaliser une clearance efficace?“, livre des astuces concernant les recherches d’antériorités

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